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Finally just getting a chance to write my fishing opener report. Heres what I think. Fishing was slow for many but still was an OK opener. Many of the smaller lakes were producing or where their was current flowing into or out of a lake. Many of the walleyes are really on the move right now. We did catch some walleyes that were still spawning and will be making big moves the next few days here. I would continue to tell people to look shallow near spawning areas. MOVE SLOOOOOOOOW or REALLY FAST I saw some guys trolling cranks at around 2 to 3 miles per hour getting the aggressive ones to bit. I personally moved really slow anchoring in a few sistautions. If you can find some green Cabbage this time of year you should be good, we looked and looked but only found a few strands were we did catch some fish. Good luck. If anyone has questions about certain lakes feel free to email me I can help you to the best of my knowledge on the report for that lake.


Well I thought I would give everyone some last tips for the weekend. I would stick to small to medium sized lakes. But fish are going to be caught on them all. I would look in the shallows this time of year 8 to 15 feet of water and go from there. Large flats or break lines work up and down them until you find a depth that they are laying at. Dont be affraid to move up real shallow too on wind blown points. If you can find some good cabbage beds you be in some business. Jig and Minnow either fat head or shiners, or lindy rigs will be working best. Pulling or casting crankbaits could be very effective too. Let me know if you have any questions. I will be hit and miss this weekend. Good luck to everyone.


As the temperatures heat up this spring, and the ice comes off the lakes, the crappies and panfish start to move shallow. So where do we go to fish these beauties? We move shallow too. I had the pleasure this weekend to get out on the Alexandria Lakes Area and chase some monster Crappie slabs in the shallows. We were looking in the 4 to 6 foot range, in black bottom bays, near cattails or pencil reeds. Other key places could be feeder creeks or river systems flowing into or out off the lakes. The bite has been best during late afternoon and into the evenings on sunny days, when the water temperatures have been warmest. Minnows and small crappie jigs have been working best under bobbers. As we got out on the lake around high noon we realized that we weren't the only boat out chasing fish. We set out to a black bottom bay, where we have gotten fish in years past. At first we didn't know much about what to use or how deep but as we soon found out the fish were up in the bay and they were in there thick. I would set the hook on one fish while my dad, and a few other friends were setting hooks on their fish too. It was one after another. We did this for a few hours I would suggest to all those who have little ones to get up to the Alexandria lakes area, on vacation whether its for a day or a weekend. This is a great time to keep the kids involved in fishing as they will constantly be busy and reeling in fish and watching there bobbers. Not only will it be exciting for them but its a great place to spend some family time out on the water, where families can put their feet up and relax.


While many of the lakes around the Alexandria lakes area are open and ready to be fished, a few larger lakes are in the transition fase, in which you cant ice fish, and its not open water to boat around. I would suspect bigger bodies of water should be open this weekend sometime. With high winds and temperatures it should really rip through the ice. As for fishing people around the area or moving onto the smaller bodies of water looking for crappies and sunnies up in the shallows along the shore lines. Look for pencil reeds, river inlets and black bottom bays in the 4 to 6 foot range, where the water is warmer and the fish will move into. Crappie minnows or moptops with small jigs and a bobber have been working best. Afternoon and evening bite has also be best because of the warming temperatures.


Well for all you guys and gals that got out this last weekend I hope you had a great one like I did. I dont know if it was just me or we were fishing in the right spot but everything was biting the hook. We had sunnies nice 8.5 to 10 inchers, Crappies 9 to, two 14 inchers and we had perch from 10 to 11 inches. The late ice bite is really on right now. This week should be one of the best weeks for late ice fishing. I concentrated in the pencil reeds where the warm maybe bit just a tich bit warmer. wax warms or crappie minnows, the fish were hungry. Good Luck.


This weekend in Alexandria was nothing short of spectacular. The weather was great, clouds in the mornings and bright sun the rest of the days. The temperatures were in the upper 30ís but there was zero wind, which made for a great day out on the ice with no house. The lakes were some what hard to get on so we used 2 by 6ís to get across onto the ice. Once you were on the ice, yet bumpy, it was easy sledding with the ice being on average 14 to 17 inches. As for the fishing, the lakes really have a lot of run off right now so are fairly cloudy, but despite the cloudy water the fish were still biting. They were biting best on bigger profile jigs, such as Moon glows or charmers from JB Lures. With the cloudy water I think it allowed the fish to see the bait and the flash attracted them even more. We started off by using Euro larva but the fish didnít seem to want that. So we switched over to Wax worms and started slamming the fish. Mainly they were Sunnies but we also caught a few nice crappies. The depths we looked at were roughly 11 or 12 feet of water seemed to be the magical depth this weekend. We were fishing in the cabbage weeds at those depths if you can find any that were standing. One tip would be constantly keeping the bait moving. It seemed like you had to constantly jig, set it down for 2 or 3 seconds if nothing bit keep jigging and let it sit again. That is how we got most of our fish. One other thing was keeping on the move this time of year Sunnies and Crappies are really on the move up here towards the north end of the lakes. So if you get a few bites and it shuts down I would look at moving around and most likely North. I bet we moved almost 100 yards maybe more yards North, while we were fishing to keep with the school. I also feel that the Sunnies and Crappies are both moving up to the shallower waters, because on some lakes you can find some fish up in the pencil reeds waiting for the ice to come off. As for the ice conditions, if it starts to really warm up, I think the lakes are going to deteriorate pretty fast and we could be looking at the last ice this next couple weeks. Yet it looks like it might remain cold around the Alexandria area with chances of snow Monday through Thursday. Good luck to all those who get up these next few weekends. If you have any questions feel free to email me at hhguide@hotmail.com or give me a call. I can help out with certain lakes that I may have been on or give you a report if I have heard any.


While I didnt get out this weekend the reports were alittle slow. Fishing seemed to slow this weekend with the changing weather i.e high winds and rain. I personally think the fish are really on the move right now. So if you catch a few nice fish and then it shuts down, I would be ready to move around whether it be shallower or deeper. This time of year its most likely shallower. The reports of people catching fish still seemed up be by standing weeds, on either moon glows or fiskas but small in size and profile. Crappies have still be biting in the cabbage beds, on small minnows. Just a quick update on the ice conditions. Many of the shore lines have started to pull away with all the rain. Yet many of the lakes have good ice on them. I would caution everyone going out to be careful and possible bring life jackets along as more rain and high winds can really rip into the ice. good luck to all.


After this weekend the snow is gone and the fish have moved up shallow. We are starting to see fish move into the pencil reeds on some lakes. With temperatures going to be in the 50s all week. I would guess that more and more fish will start to move shallow. The bite has been best from depths 7 to 10 feet of water. Perch are biting best in the mornings and also evenings with minnows and jigging spoons. As for the sunnies they are biting all day long on wax worms and euro larva. Crappies are really starting to school up in suspended holes or also move up into the shallow pencil reeds. I would guess that the fishing can only get better with the rising temperatures and spring in the air, soon enough we will have the late ice!


This weekend was somewhat slower but the fish were still biting. While more and more people were moving in shallower I moved deeper just a few feet from 9 feet of water out to 11.5 feet of water. The fishing was slower but I feel like it was a better quality bite. Once again moon glows blues and charts worked best. I would also still suggest looking for good weed cover. It seems like the fish feel much safer and willing to bite on those spots. As I also was up about 3 feet off the bottom. Good luck.


I am just getting the information out on the fishing report for this weekend. With the snow now the fishing has been great the past few days in the shallows for sunnies and crappies. Now with the snow it will make travel more difficult but I think with all the people having to get there houses off the lake people will be using snow plows to get out there so many of the community spots, I think you would be able to get out too. Moon glows and waxies have been working best. If the bite slows I would think about putting a small crappie minnow down the other hole to intice those big sunnies and crappies. Colors that have been working best are yellows and chart, or blues! Good luck this weekend. Make sure to bring a shovel and gloves just in case.


The Alexandria Lakes area was hot this past weekend. With the warming temperatures and spring weather on the mind the sunnies and crappies were really snapping on the baits. Fishing depths are from 9 to 11 feet of water in green weed beds. With the warming temperatures also came the walleye bite, with some people reporting some nice fish being caught and released. Those depths ranged but primarily 23 to 27 feet of water. Good luck!


This past weekend with the warmer temperatures people were out fishing everywhere. Crappies and sunnies are still biting in the thick weed beds. As for the walleyes were tried a bit deeper and did well fishing depths from 24 to 28 feet of water. With Lindy forage minnows or plain hooks and fat heads. Good luck only a few more weeks left to chase the walleyes so get your time in.